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What Do Users Say About Ezderm Emr Software?

About Ezderm EMR Software

Ezderm Electronic Health Records Software is a high-quality EHR system that is specifically for Dermatology practices. The program is cloud-based, mobile, and accessible from any iPad or iMac with an internet connection. Overall, the Ezderm EMR Software streamline processes for small, medium, and large size Dermatology practices.

Top Features of Ezderm EMR Software

The Ezderm EMR system has several unique features made especially for Dermatological practices. Following are some of the key attributes.


Ezderm EMR offers e-Prescription, which makes sending prescriptions to your favored pharmacies much easier. However, manually writing down prescriptions can be difficult for you because these prescriptions are frequently made up and allowed on an individual basis. 

In addition, e-Prescription also provides timely notifications regarding drug-to-drug interactions. Overall, e-Prescription boosts productivity for your practice.

Appointment Scheduling

Another critical advantage of Ezderm EMR Software is that it simplifies the appointment scheduling process. The Appointment Scheduler option in Ezderm EMR, for example, allows you to keep track of patient appointments in real-time.

The scheduling tool also allows you to make new appointments with a single click. In addition, you can send any intake forms to your patients via the patient portal, and it will notify them. You can also use the appointment schedule to check patients in and out immediately. Moreover, you can test this feature in a real-world healthcare context with the Ezderm EMR demo.

Customized Features

The Healthcare Solutions Technology Award was given to the Ezderm EHR System in 2013, as it is entirely customizable, and you can customize it to fit any dermatology practice’s workflow. It also includes automatic coding for precise documentation and CPT, ICD-10, and E&M coding. 

Moreover, the Pharmacy Geolocation function of the system also helps you save time and eliminate ambiguity when discovering the patients’ preferred pharmacies.

Integrated Practice Management Software

Ezderm EMR interacts with a cloud-based Practice Management System that benefits healthcare practices clinically, organizationally, and financially. Ezderm is one of the best options for automating corporate procedures and reducing unnecessary overheads because of its extensive functionality and versatile interface.

Claims Management

You’ll see a major drop in the amount of declined claims when you use Ezderm EMR since the program helps you detect problems in claims as you enter data so you can address them right away. Furthermore, automated eligibility checks ensure that your patients are eligible for insurance.

Remote Access

You can use Ezderm EMR from anywhere at any time because it is a web-based application. The cloud-based EMR also allows you to access patient information from a range of devices. As a result, you can give high-quality therapy to your patients with the help of Ezderm EMR. Another benefit of using a cloud-based EMR is that it eliminates the need for expensive extra equipment.

You can access the EMR software on your iPad. Furthermore, the health-related iPad capabilities make it simple for you to collect photos, share them with your patients, and obtain data from the system.

Streamlined Documentation

The Ezderm EMR is well-known for its ability to streamline patient paperwork. The robust program includes 3D Body Maps, which help you visually document your patient encounters using over 3,000 anatomical regions. In addition, the progress note tool in the Ezderm Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software supports you in keeping medically accurate and concise notes without putting the medical practice at risk during audits. 

Moreover, the software allows handwriting recognition feature to streamline your Dermatology workflow further.

Medical Billing Solution

Ezderm also has medical billing software that will help you streamline your practice’s invoicing procedure. It also allows you to devote more time to patient care. This function eliminates the need to file claims, obtain payments, or go to another system to verify claim or payment status. This powerful feature also allows you to take payments at the moment of check-in, check-out, or online patient bill pay.

Ezderm EMR Price

According to Ezderm reviews, the EMR Software is less expensive than the average electronic medical software cost. In addition, customers can choose from various flexible plans from Ezderm, with the most basic license costing $499 per month.

If you require special features in your system to meet your unique company demands, the vendor will charge a customization fee, which will be set according to your needs and feature requirements. Unfortunately, customization costs are more challenging to assess than license costs.

The following elements may also have an impact on the cost of customization:

  • Changes to the user interface
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Additional data collection forms
  • Reports including dashboards, management reports, and operational reports.

Ezderm Reviews

Don’t worry if you’re curious about what users have to say about Ezderm EMR Software. We gathered Ezderm reviews from various sources to provide you with a complete picture of the software.


  • The EMR Software completely integrates with the Practice Management System and Medical billing solution to streamline your workflow.
  • The software is quick and easy to use—workflow automation results in increased efficiency.
  • The EMR Software ensures confidentiality and transparency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • The customer service response is slightly delayed, but they are well-informed.
  • Users require little training to understand complex features such as interactive body maps.

Our Concluding Thoughts About Ezderm EMR Software

Whether it’s boosting the value of care for patients, increasing reimbursements, or just improving practice efficiency, Ezderm delivers the flexibility and power that a clinic needs to flourish. As a result, many healthcare practitioners, particularly dermatologists, use Ezderm EMR Software to improve their medical practice, establish seamless communication with stakeholders, and deliver better patient care and experience.

The finest EMR for your medical practice is one that has all of the features and functionality you require. We recommend making a list of your EMR requirements before diving deeper into Ezderm EMR’s features. You can also arrange for an Ezderm EMR demo to acquire a better understanding of the software.

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