Three Sides of triangle having mental, physical and social health in it

What are the Three Sides of Health Triangle?

The health triangle measures your overall health. It consists of three sides. All three sides of a health triangle need to be balanced for your wellbeing. The health triangle is the measure of your body’s overall health and wellbeing. It has three sides. When all of the three sides are balanced and are working efficiently, your body is efficient and balanced.

The three sides that make up a health triangle are:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Social Health

Physical health is the most commonly discussed health whereas mental health and social health are lesser known. I will discuss the aspects of all three in detail.

Physical Health

If a person has good physical health, his body can function normally and is efficient. This includes not only free of diseases but also your diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. Another thing is hygiene, it is important to clean your body and take care of it by getting rid of unwanted dirt and bacteria.

Mental Health

Mental health is the state in which a person realizes his own capabilities and qualities and can work on them, cope with stress and work to provide betterment to the community. It includes stress, anxiety, anger, and other emotions. Your mental health can be great if you accept yourself and try to be emotionally healthy and balanced. Don’t try to control or suppress your emotions, just accept them.  Good mental health enables you to focus and learn new things, it helps you to be aware and conscious to grow and improve.

Social Health:

Social health includes your relationship with others; let it be your partner, your family, friends, teachers, or colleagues. It includes the ability to communicate with others and deal with relationships that involve communication, care, and empathy.

Importance of Health Triangle

All three components of the health triangle contribute to your health and overall wellbeing and they need to be equally balanced. Physical, social, and mental health is interlinked with one another. The disturbance in one factor can cause issues in the other two as well. All three components are equally important and not even one should be neglected.

Unbalanced Health Triangle

Think of the health triangle is a structure consisting of three parts, what happens when one of the parts is disrupted, it makes the overall structure unbalanced and this causes disruption in overall health. To retain the balance, you should focus on all three sides of the health triangle and not just one so that the triangle remains in a balanced state.

Factors Affecting Health Triangle

There are many factors that can influence the health triangle. A list of most of them is below:

Genetics and biology play a huge role in determining a person’s health and overall wellbeing. Some diseases can be in your genes and you cannot do a lot to get rid of those health conditions.

Environmental factors include the place you live in, your access to clean water, your food consuming habits and your financial conditions.

Your attitude towards facing any distress and issues, pain or illness and your perception and image of different things play a vital role in determining your health.

Behavior This includes your daily habits and lifestyle such as avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, eating healthy food, doing enough physical activity and taking care of yourself.

How much and how the technology is consumed is important, overuse of technology can cause serious health issues and can disrupt sleep patterns. On the other hands, technology can be used for the betterment of health if used wisely.

Social support and the feeling of being loved by your near ones is important and it gives us calmness and relaxation we all crave.

Maintaining a Balanced Health Triangle

Maintaining a balanced health triangle is very easy. You need to analyze and identify the parts of the health triangle that you are not gi8ving much importance and then you need to consider giving equal importance to your weak part of the health triangle.

There are many ways one can improve physical health. Some of them are explained below:

Healthy Diet Eating nutritious foods and having a proper healthy diet is very important in maintaining physical wellbeing.

Hydration is the key when it comes to feeling light and healthy. It helps in regulating body temperature and calms and relaxes the body, it also helps with bloating and blood pressure.

Experts suggest that a person should do at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity; it can be anything from a hardcore workout to a brisk walk. It helps in keeping the body active and is beneficial for overall health.

Sleeping patterns play a very crucial role in determining the health of a person. A poor sleeping pattern can make a person sick. Sleeping for 6-8 hours every night gives body the rest it needs and helps with illnesses.

Maintaining hygiene is very important if you want to maintain your health. It gets rid of unwanted germs and bacteria that may make you sick.

Skincare gives you a feeling of self care and it makes you feel good. While going outside, sunscreen can protect from skin cancer and premature aging.

Regular doctor checkups ensure good health they monitor what needs to be monitored and hence an illness can be diagnosed before getting extreme.

Stress in daily life results in poor mental health. Here are some ways that can help you deal with your mental health and improve it.

Just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses need to be treated. Take it seriously and seek professional help if necessary.

Become more resilient and prioritize yourself. Reduce any guilt or shame.

Do more things that make you feel happy and in the moment. Practice self care and try to regulate your emotions and accept them.

Being mindful is important. Be aware and be in the present moment. Practice mindfulness and do meditation.

Do more things that make you happy, go out with friends, make your favorite dish, spend time on hobbies you enjoy doing. Do anything but try to increase the happiness in your life.

Maintaining social health is as important as maintaining physical and mental health and families and friends should come forward to support each other and spread awareness.

Having more people in your circle who support you and love you is important. Try to build strong connections with such people and it will impact your social health positively.

Attend social events, talk to more people and socialize. It helps to build confidence and protects you from stress.

Start Maintaining Your Health Triangle:

Now you know most of the things about the health triangle, start to analyze and assess your overall health and know your strengths and weaknesses, try to work on the components you’re weak in and balance your overall health.

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