Top Oncology EMR Software for Your practice

Top Oncology EMR Software for Your practice

Importance of An Oncology EMR Software

Oncology Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software is appropriate to meet the specific needs of Oncology/hematology practices. These setups include a wide range of diagnoses, treatment regimens, and the ordering and administration of chemotherapy.

Oncologists should use EMR and Practice Management (PM) software since they deal with significant amounts of data and appropriately document it. Handling and administering chemotherapeutic medications are also part of these qualifications. EMR software also improves clinical workflows, especially for busy practitioners such as Oncologists. 

With such a great difficulty level, you must choose the correct Oncology EMR software, which is suitable to satisfy all Oncologists’ specialized needs. To make this process easier, you’ll need a deeper understanding of how the software works, as well as a strong understanding of the software’s many functionalities and features.

Key Features of Oncology EMR Software

Before deciding on a top-rated Oncology EMR, make sure it includes the following critical features that can prove beneficial for you and your medical practice.


The Oncology EMR software must provide a real-time dashboard that allows you to monitor patient records, profiles, billing processes, chemotherapeutic updates, scheduling, and other information in one convenient location.

Chemotherapy Dosing, Scheduling, and Ordering Automation

The best EMR for Oncology must allow for automated dosing, scheduling, and chemo orders. In addition, documentation of drug administration, inventory management, and invoicing must also be available in Oncology EMR software.

Specialty-specific Templates

The Oncology EMR must allow you to modify templates. Templates for leukemia, melanoma, neoplasm, sarcoma, chemotherapy, skin cancer, radiation therapy, and other diseases should be available in the top rated Oncology EMR.

Best Oncology EMR for Your Practice

Here are our top picks!


The first EMR for Oncology that we will discuss is MOSAIQ EMR Software that integrates with a Patient Information Management System (PIMS), Medical Billing, delivery details, and treatment modules.

You can also use the MOSAIQ EMR in conjunction with other MOSAIQ products, such as the following.

  • The Document Manager assists with electronic documentation, template creation, report generation, and chart creation.
  • MOSAIQ’s Data Director is a tool that aids in the integration of images and data.
  • MOSAIQ Evaluate is a feature of MOSAIQ that allows you to see all of the patient’s information as well as evaluate and approve the plan you’ve chosen.
  • MOSAIQ Connect is a feature that allows the MOSAIQ EMR to transfer data between cancer registries and the MOSAIQ EMR.

Overall, MOSAIQ EMR is an excellent EMR Software for your practice, according to Oncology EMR reviews. 

ONCO EMR Software

Our next pick is the OncoEMR Software that is a renowned EMR software system specifically for Oncology practices. The software is web-based, and medical practices of all sizes can use it from anywhere at any time. OncoEMR is a solution for Oncology’s unique dose management demands, and thus, is the most widely used Oncology EMR solution.

Radiology information systems (RIS), laboratories, Inventory Management Systems (IMS), and Practice Management systems fully integrate with OncoEMR. The software also offers a patient portal called, through which patients may quickly access their medical records, pay their bills, and book appointments.

Altogether, OncoEMR is a tailored diagnosis and treatment tool for your Oncology practice with an Oncology-specific design. The SureScripts certified Electronic prescribing, visit notes, and routine management is among the software’s key features.

iKnowMed EMR Software

iKnowMed is a high-quality web-based EMR system specifically for Hematologists and Oncologists. This Health IT system is flexible and adaptable to medical practices of all kinds, from small solo clinics to massive cancer centers with hundreds of doctors on staff.

iKnowMed also covers all Oncology-specific requirements, allowing you to diagnose and stage cancer patients using AJCC and FIGO staging criteria. iKnowMed is a cloud-based solution that you can access via the internet. The software is also appropriate for mobile users, allowing you to access it from any location at any time.

In addition, this high-quality EMR solution integrates with My Care Plus, Lynx Mobile inventory management, and a variety of practice management, radiography, laboratory, pathology, notes, and dictation systems.

CureMD EMR Software

The following EMR software in our list of top rated Oncology EMR is CureMD EMR Software. According to Oncology EMR reviews, CureMD EMR Software is a global leader in providing modern-day health information systems and services that help healthcare practices and businesses improve their clinical and administrative operations. 

EMR, Practice management system, patient portal, and iPhone/iPad app are all part of the integrated cloud-based solution. The unified solution simplifies decision-making, streamlines operations, and provides improved treatment, patient safety, and cost savings.

CureMD has answers for a wide range of medical conditions. It provides specialty-specific content, adjustable templates, and custom forms to help you save time and improve your workflow. In addition, it has point-and-click documentation capabilities and tools like the “workflow editor” to accommodate your specific charting style. 

In addition to that, the CureMD EMR provides the highest level of interoperability, allowing you to share information across locations and organizations. Document imaging, clinical decision support, custom forms, and clinical voice recognition for dictation are just a few of the highlights. You can also benefit from the e-prescription feature and can connect with over 40,000 pharmacies across the United States using the e-prescription tool.

Which EMR for Oncology Do We Recommend?

Our detailed guide to the best Oncology EMR will help you make an educated decision for your Oncology practice. Unfortunately, we can’t directly answer which software to invest in, as we are unaware of your practice size and details. 

We suggest you schedule an Oncology EMR demo before acquiring software for your Oncology practice. This way, you can analyze which Oncology EMR is ideal to suit your practice requirements. Moreover, you can also read various Oncology EMR reviews online to gain more insight into all the features and tools of an Oncology EMR Software.

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