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Ultimate Guide To Become a Surgical Technologist

A Surgical Technologist is available in operation theatre to help surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists. The Surgical Technologist provides instruments to surgeons so that surgery made easy. A surgical technologist is also known as a scrub technologist, OR technologist (operating room).

These are the following tasks performed by surgical tech:

  • Preparing an operation theatre before surgery.
  • Preparing sterilizing equipment.
  • Tying team members (surgeons, nurses, etc) in surgical gowns.
  • They ensures cleanliness in the Operating room.
  • Surgical technologist is to observe all medical procedures with keen interest. Ticking off completed a task on the checklist.
  • Surgical technologist also knows, how to prepare robotic machinery before the surgery.
  • They perform critical medical services.
  • They clean instruments before and after the operation.
  • Provide instruments like scalpels and forceps to the surgeon.
  • The surgical technologists also help surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists, etc.

The surgical tech must be attentive during the operation, the surgical tech must listen carefully to instructions from the surgeon, and must hand over operation instruments to the surgeon. Surgeons have to deal with patient’s important and vital organs, therefore surgical tech must mentally and physically strong. Otherwise, there is a chance of blunder by surgeons. Surgical Tech’s duty is to count all the tools that will use in operation and after an operation surgical tech has to ensure that there is no tool in the patient’s body left. This is one of the most important tasks to do, if this task left, the patient will suffer from infection and hospital at risk for litigation. After surgery, the surgical tech cleans the operation theatre and also drops the patient at the patient’s recovery room.

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This is the best multi-skilled medical career without extensive education. According to BLS (US Bureau of |Labor Statistics), a 1-2 years diploma can train for the multi-skilled medical career known as a surgical technologist.

Their education program includes didactic science, technical courses, and hands-on learning experience in the clinical setting.

Surgical Tech must follow the orders given by the surgeons, nurses, and assistant surgeons who rank higher on the chain of command.

The chain of command moves up to surgical first assistants, nurses, and lastly anesthesiologists, and surgeons.

Surgical First Assistant is a similar duty to Surgical Tech. Surgical first Assistant also has more than 2 education programs. The role of the Surgical First Assistant is to give orders to Surgical Tech. When the surgeon leaves the operation theatre, the Surgical first Assistant and nurses would be the in-charge of the operation theatre.

How To Become a Surgical Technologist

You can become a surgical tech in 1-2 years (after graduating from university). After 2 years degree program, you would become a surgical tech and you can found a strong career in the medical field.

Graduation from University or College

Firstly, students should obtain a degree from any institute. This is compulsory for most surgical tech programs. From any institution, students must earn a degree in anatomy, biology, and science subjects to prepare for courses. After college or university, it is highly to pursue an internship in a healthcare environment.  

Earn Two Years Associate Degree

After graduating from any institute, you have to do surgical program courses at any medical college. US Military professional training for over 12-14 weeks is optional for surgical tech. Students should do these programs from any certified institution like the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs  (CAAHEP) and Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) otherwise they will not be able to take any exams.

Surgical Tech Programs

An example of Surgical Tech Programs in Mississippi. Students that will apply for this program must complete physiology, anatomy courses, and some other courses, etc. This program requires three semesters.

Professional Experience

After completing surgical tech programs like Mississippi, students should work in healthcare departments to train themselves for the future. This practical experience helps the student to become aware of the system. This step will help you while you are searching for jobs.


After graduation, students should prepare for exams of National Certification Exams through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. It is no so important but it increases the likelihood of finding a job. The exam will be completed in only one day and the result will be shown after 3 months.

Apply For Jobs

Once you become certified, you have to find entry-level jobs for surgical tech. 70% of the Surgical Tech program students get employment at hospitals while other work in the physicians and dental offices, according to BLS. But in this field, there is a lot of chance to get jobs because almost 90% of medical students want to become a doctor, surgeon, nurses, and first assistant surgeon.

You have a chance to become a member of professional organizations like Associate of Surgical Assistant (ASA) and National Surgical Assistant Association (NSAA). These organizations are of international scope.

Best Institutes of the World

 These are the most popular institutions all over the world for Surgical Technologist’ students.

• Silicon Valley Surgical-Tech Institute  SVSTI (America)

• SWCCD University (Turkey)

• Brighton and Sussex Medical School (England)

• Heidelberg University (Germany)

• Northern Ontario school of medicine (Canada)

• Peking University (China)

Christian Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana (India)

King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital (Pakistan).

Career Outlook

Career growth for surgical tech is projected to be powerful in the coming time. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that surgical tech jobs demand would increase 7% in the USA in the next 10 years. If this is right almost 8000 people would get this job.

Surgical tech can also pursue careers in healthcare like nurses, surgical first assistants, and anesthesiologists, etc.

You can find Surgical Tech jobs online.


Annually, A certified surgical tech can earn up to $50000 easily in the USA.

He can make money about 90000 rupees per month in India and Pakistan. 20000 to 30000 AED per month in Dubai.

This is one of the most earning jobs in the medical field you can pursue without extensive education.

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