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Which Entrepreneur Made Tractors Before Entering the Sports Car Business?

This Entrepreneur was Ferruccio Lamborghini. The founder of the popular Lamborghini company. He was a well-known Italian industrialist. We will discuss how tractor making company became sports car producing company? How their turnover exceeded 1 billion euros? How a farmer’s son become a wealthy businessman? How the idea of making sports cars came to his mind? we talk about his life’s incident that made him successful businessmen.

Early life

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in 28 April 1916. His father was Antonio Lamborghini. His parents were grapes farmer in Renazzo di Cento, Italy.

By the surrounding agricultural environment, he developed his interest in machinery and attached himself to machinery. He was also farming in their fields but he drew his most interest to machinery. So he started his studies at Fratelli Taddia technical institute near Bologna (city of Italy). He believed that mechanics was in his blood.

World War II

In 1940, he joined the Italian Royal Air Force as a mechanic at the Italian garrison at Rhodes island of vehicle mechanic.  By the end of world war 2, the British take charge of the Rhodes Islands. Lamborghini was taken, prisoner. He was not able to return home until the next year, but at last, they released him. He decided to stay as a civilian. After world war 2, he opened his garage in Pieve di Cento (Metropolitan City). 

Beginnings of Entrepreneurship

The first car that is modified by Lamborghini was an old Fiat 500 (Fait Topolino) and he made it a tractor. He made use of his mechanical abilities to transform a home car into 750cc two seater tractor.

In 1948, Lamborghini produced the first tractor and the Carioca based on six cylinders of Morris trucks. He builds cheap tractors and sells them cheap. He became popular in this industry. By the initial success of Carioca, Lamborghini founded Lamborghini Trattori and take start to produce tractors. He had thirty employees at that time. 

Tractor on ground

After some, he got a license to produce diesel engines during the 1960s. When his company was growing, he provided jobs to almost 400 employees. His company was growing with very high speed. At some time, Lamborghini was able to build 25 tractors per day. It was his big achievement. His struggle made him a big man so he bought luxurious cars like Jaguar, Maserati, and one of the most popular cars of that time Ferrari 250-GT. It was a turning point because he showed his interest in sports cars. He was thinking that Ferrari was good but very noisy. He also found that Ferrari is not made for every road and it is not useful for long travel.

Lamborghini modified his own Ferrari 250-GT. Lamborghini knows, he could make a triple profit if the component used in tractors used for a high-performance car. During the 1970s, Ferruccio Lamborghini his company ran into financial difficulties. Lamborghini exported 50% of its tractors to South Africa. But this deal was canceled by South Africa. By the financial crises, Ferruccio sold his company to SAME which was one of his competitors.

First Sports Car

He found that Ferrari cars were armed with clutches. He reported Enzo Ferrari (The Owner of Ferrari Company) but he did not listen to his advice and insulted him and replied him, `maybe the problem there was a problem in the driver not in the car, he might be able to handle a tractor not a Ferrari car properly”. Ferruccio Lamborghini made it a challenge for producing sports cars. Therefore, in 1963 he produced a sports car and named Lamborghini GTV 350. Both positive and negative feedback given to him. Lamborghini was also not satisfied with its design.

High Performance Sports Cars

In 1996, he produced Lamborghini GT 400. He also produced Miura P400, Miura P400 has an especially rear-mid-engine layout which is still used in many sports cars today. He developed this high-performance car with the help of Marcello Gandini who is called Father of Miura. He continued his successful struggle and produced Countach LP500. He also produced Urraco P250 and Jarama 400 GTS.

Buying Lamborghini

In the 1980s for $3 million, the Italian government sold Lamborghini to Mimran Brothers (French Entrepreneur). In 1987, Lamborghini was sold to Chrysler who wanted to import a luxury car to The United State of America. Chrysler sold this company to Indonesians in 1996 and made a profit of almost $120,000. Indonesians also sold this company to Ferdinand Piech of Volkswagen. Volkswagen made this company one of the most revenue-making companies in the whole world. They produced beautiful cars.

Volkswagen decided to built sports cars, this decision made very helpful for Volkswagen. Now they made more than 1 billion Euros per year. Now Lamborghini company take part in the world most precious and cars. Although Volkswagen plays an important role in Lamborghini’s peak its main credit goes to Ferruccio Lamborghini. Death of Ferruccio Lamborghini  He died on 20 February 1993. But he has a role in making Lamborghini one of the biggest sports car companies. His struggle cannot be forgotten.

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