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20 Top Skills to Learn If You want to earn money online [2021]

By the evolution of the internet and computer, it became easy to learn skills that would be helpful to make money. In fact, there is no need for any degree, if you’re talented. You can use these skills to create a business. Although, you should adopt a business in which you have interest but if you’re looking for new ideas. I will tell you about most popular jobs. Skills you should  learn are: 


You do not need computer engineering  four  year degree  from any institution , you can learn programming skills from different websites like Youtube, facebook, code academy,, future learn etc.

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If you become expert in programming, you can create many softwares to solve the problems of the user. You can also provide tool to improve that already exist. It is very much in demand. You can earn upto $500 to $600 for one project easily.

Web Development

We have a misthought that web development is just creating websites. But web development refers to mainting and creating different variety of sites. It also means to test security of the website.

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You can learn about web development from various youtube channels like intellipat and from various sites like code-academy,, web3schools etc.

You can earn upto $400 to $500.

Mobile App Development

The future of technology is all about mobile. It is the process of making softwares for mobile phones on two different platforms like iOs, Android.

People can install your software from different stores like Google play store, App store etc.

 You can learn mobile app development at home by youtubes and different websites like, etc. 

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Average salary for mobile app development is about $4k in india, $98k in America.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the process by which goods are sold purchased. The aim of marketing is to get, hold and satisfy customers. A business organization or firm can use computer internet for marketing their products and items.

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You attract with customers by email to provide details, video conferencing provide them sight of the product. 

You can learn this technique from learn-digital by Google, and from YouTube channels like neil patel.   

You can earn up to 4 Million per years if you become expert.

Graphic Designing

To become a good graphic designer, you must learn Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, In Design etc by different lecture on Youtube or on many websites. Some famous lecture on Youtube about illustrator FX mentor.

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A beginner can earn up to $900 to $6000 per month and senior designer can earn $1800 to $8000.

Real Estate Investment

A Real Estate Investment is a business type in which you can invest money. This is most valuable business of all categories. If you have no 4 year program degree, you should invest in real estate. Pakistan richest man Malik Riaz (Founder of Bahria Town) was only matric passed.   

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 You can earn up to $70,000 to $124,000.

Online Trading

Online Trading is a process of carrying out business with the help of the Internet. You can online trading by different platforms like Rayner Teo,,, etc. 

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Monthly income of online traders is almost 18% profit of investment.

Video Games Testing

If you like to plays, it is an opportunity for you to transform this passion into business. You need to understand gaming better than others. You need more practice and hard work to do so.

Your duty is to test game’s graphic effect and characters.

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You need to play 3-4 hour games per hour.

Its monthly potential income is $1000 to $4000.

Creating Writing

I must said, `creative writing is a gift of God’. If you are good at  it, you should do courses to enhance your skills. 

  • You can be journalist and columnist. 
  • You can be a author of books.
  • If you have interest in poetry, you can be a poet.
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You can sale thousands of your book copies.

You earn up to $2000 to $20k per month if you are a good writer.

Photography and Videography

If you wanted to be a photographer or cameramen, editor. You need to learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, filmora and other famous editors. 

It would help you to create good content on YouTube to earn money.     

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Typically, a Photographer, editor earn up to $3500 to $450,000 per month.

Social Media

As we know, social media is platform where people upload content about their hobbies, current news, funny videos.

It is good platform for you to get money, because if you become popular creator, platforms like instagram, facebook and linkedin etc, give you money for you work.

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You can earn easily by uploading good content from $50 to $5000 easily.


If you have no degree, Don’t worry, just join amazon and sell on amazon. It is most popular site all over the world. 

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You need to learn how to sell on amazon by different variety of lecture on YouTube. Also Amazon guides you how sell items through internet. 

If you become expert by selling different variety of products. You can make good income from Amazon

Stage Performance and Acting

The majority of people think acting is easy than other professions but it is also difficult as other. If you are like acting passion, you can transform your passion into work start learning acting online. 

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Nowadays, you can get bachelors, master degrees in acting. It is also a good passion to adopt. You can earn upto $3000 to $30000 easily.

Fashion Designing and Tailoring

If you fashion sense, you need to do business in this regard.

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You can learn about fashion designing and tailoring on various sites and YouTube channel. You can earn up to $1000 to $50000 per month.


If you have a sweet and fantastic voice, you should become a singer. It is also a famous profession to do. If you wanted to make money from this profession, just learn singing sense from singers. In Covid days, you can get online classes from singers. 

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You can earn $2000 to $10000 per song as a beginners.


This is most preferable job for students. It also increases your knowledge about many topics. You can learn blogging and freelancing by different videos and articles.

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You can earn up to $5 to $500 per blog.

Online Tuition

It is the profession for senior students to teach junior students. There are many websites on which you can learn how to teach dull and intelligent students.   

C:\Users\U M A i R\Desktop\project\mohammad-shahhosseini-cPWUODAvXjk-unsplash.jpg, etc are famous websites for online tuition. You can earn up to $5 to $1000 per month easily.

Languages skills

You should know about more languages other than native. I suggest you do it online rather than to join academies. 

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You can earn income up to $50 to $2000.

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