How You Can Streamline Your Practice With Practice Mate in 2021

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? We all enjoy freebies, whether it’s a cup of coffee or a practice management solution. In this essay, we will discuss Office Ally’s and their practice management system ‘Practice Mate.’

Office Ally was founded in 2000 with the intention of serving as a hub for healthcare practitioners. Their business approach was distinct in that they supplied free clearinghouse services to physicians. When firms promise to provide free services, there is generally some form of hidden payment attached to them. That is not the case with Practice Mate. Their promise of providing free practice management is not supported by any hidden charges.

On top of their current clearinghouse service, Office Ally has expanded its business model to include services such as practice management, EMR/EHR, patient intake platform, and a patient portal.

What is Office Ally?

Beginning in 2006, Office Ally provided a variety of healthcare IT solutions to assist practitioners in managing and streamlining their clinical and non-clinical operations. Practice Mate, a practice management module, was one of these options. Practice Mate is a free platform that offers a variety of services aimed at helping your practice enhance clinical efficiency and productivity.

Following the success of Practice, Office Ally created an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) module, a patient check-in module called Intake Pro, and a patient portal called Patient Ally for Practice Mate and their EHR.

What is Practice Mate?

Practice Mate is one of the best practice management solutions for medical practices, with a wide feature set that focuses on your clinical progress. Despite being a free tool, it streamlines claims filing and rejection administration for over 5,000 insurance firms. Information for such a vast network of insurance firms aids in the submission of correct claims and reduces the likelihood of refused claims.

Practice Mate includes some of the most useful functions for your practice. Here are some of the features of Office Ally’s Practice Mate:

  • Submit claims for free.
  • No need to sign any lengthy contracts.
  • Practice Mate installation and training are provided at no cost.
  • Customer service is provided at each point at no cost.
  • Extensive analytics and reporting.
  • Create and maintain databases, as well as maintain demographics, patient insurance information, schedules, and even the time of patient visits.
  • Assistance with multi-specialty medical practices
  • Help for practices that have numerous locations

Office Ally’s aim is to deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare IT solutions that simplify your demands and optimize clinical procedures. As a result, Practice Mat was developed as an extension of their goal.

So far, we’ve gone over Practice Mate’s numerous features. Let’s have a look at some of the possible advantages of integrating Practice Mate in your practice.

Practice Mate – Benefits

  • You might believe that free practice management software doesn’t have much to offer. Practice Mate, on the other hand, is an exception to the norm. Here are some of the advantages that Practice Mate offers.
  • Because Practice Mate is a cloud-based practice management software, there is no need to install any expensive gear or software.
  • You may view all of your patient’s information, including medical billings, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about acquiring the most recent updates for Practice Mate.
  • Clinical productivity may be increased by lowering overhead expenses and enhancing clinical procedures.
  • You won’t have to update data as often if you use cloud storage manually.

Cloud-based solutions provide improved security mechanisms to protect your patient information.

Practice Mate – Pros & Cons

Practice Mate, like all man-made items, has advantages and disadvantages. We’ve developed a list of benefits and negatives based on user feedback from Practice Mate reviews.


  • Practice Mate includes comprehensive medical billing software.
  • Practice Mate reduces the likelihood of refused claims. As a result, you would only have to deal with refused claims. Even yet, they provide refused claims handling.
  • You may do a fast search to detect any problems in your claim submissions.
  • Appointment reminders can be sent by text or email.


  • With Practice Mate, you can also send reminder messages to a random number. In Practice Mate, you cannot program your own phone number.
  • Practice Mate’s user interface is a little difficult to grasp. As a result, your productivity may suffer briefly during a little learning curve.

Office Ally’s Practice Mate Costs

You may be thinking that firms that provide free services frequently have some type of hidden expense. You may be confident that this is not the case with Office Ally’s Practice Mate. Practice Mate is a 100% free practice management software that has no hidden or indirect costs.

However, Office Ally EHR does have a minor monthly fee of $29.95 per provider. According to customer feedback, Office Ally’s EHR rates are nothing when compared to the spectrum of services they offer for small and medium-sized practices.


Office Ally’s Practice Mate is one of the finest in the business for small to medium-sized practices when it comes to practice management software. Initially, they solely provided clearinghouse services to healthcare providers. Currently, they provide a wide range of services such as EHR/EMR software, practice management modules, patient check-in software, and so on.

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