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How Kareo Helps Your Patients Better Use Technology in 2021

Online medical records (EHRs) and health portals, telehealth, and wearable devices are examples of modern patient-care technologies that have the potential to give people more control over their health than ever before. They increase information availability, make healthcare more easy and affordable, and improve health outcomes. In this blog, we’ll talk about how Kareo EHR helps your patients adapt and get comfortable with technology in the long run.

It’s no surprise that patients are screaming for physicians to make these technologies available, and many are. Others, on the other hand, may take longer to adjust to the new, increasingly digital healthcare world. For some physicians, poor patient acceptance is a vexing problem because the benefits of the expanded use of patient-care-related technologies are enormous. If you’re dealing with this problem in your clinic, there are a few things you can do to encourage more of your patients to use these helpful tools.

Equip the right tools in your practice

People might easily feel overwhelmed these days when there is an app for everything. It’s pointless to provide technology simply because you can. Instead, concentrate on technology that helps patients address difficulties. Ask patients what prevents them from taking charge of their own care and what obstacles they experience, and then look for answers to these pressing issues.

For instance, if your workflows are lengthy and force you to pay less attention to your patients, you would need an effective solution like Kareo EHR software. Similarly, if your patient intake process is slow, you should invest in the Kareo PM software.

Make ease of use a top priority

Consider how easy it will be for the majority of your patients to use any technology you put into your office. The top applications feature a user experience that is intuitive and similar to other apps that patients currently enjoy. They shouldn’t be riddled with jargon or necessitate a high level of technical expertise to use.

Wearable technology should be inconspicuous and pleasant, and applications should work seamlessly on the devices that patients currently own. According to the Smart Wearables in Healthcare 2016-2030 research, the entire market for smart wearables in healthcare will increase at a 13.6% annualized rate over the next 15 years.

Use a Multi-Channel Education Strategy

Of course, making people aware that you provide a certain technology and helping them comprehend what it is is the first step in encouraging them to utilize it. A multitude of communication techniques can be used to accomplish this. When a patient visits the office, information can be given out in person and reinforced via signage. Email messages and website content are also effective methods for disseminating program information. People react to this form of marketing in a variety of ways, so it’s a good idea to mix it up.

Kareo EHR helps you engage with your patients using their integrated solutions to help your patients at each touchpoint in your patient journey.

Gradually build up to it

Some patients may be ecstatic to be able to manage their health information and schedule follow-up appointments online, while others may be less enthusiastic. They may, however, be willing to receive appointment reminders through SMS or preventative care advice via email. When it comes to technological adoption, the “toe in the water” technique can be extremely effective.

Based on numerous reviews of Kareo EHR, they excel in helping patients understand, get comfortable, and use technology like Kareo patient portal through carefully designed user experience.

Promote technology use with conversations

If tests are ordered, make sure the patient is aware that the results will be available through the patient portal. Remind patients that they can arrange their next visit online. When someone phones to book an appointment, train your employees to recommend a video visit.

While technology does help in bridging the gap between your patient and technology, a little nudge in the right direction always helps.

Communicate any concerns & risks

Recognize that people are concerned about the interplay between technology and healthcare, whether in person or in your marketing materials. Will it be too challenging to use? Will it hinder me from receiving the best possible treatment? Is the digital experience going to be cold and impersonal? Will I be able to see my doctor in person if I so desire? Will this type of care be covered by my insurance? It makes it reasonable to bring up these worries and work through them as a group.

Don’t just focus on your patients

According to the United States Census Bureau, 45 million Americans will be serving as carers by 2020 (Deloitte University Press), and more than 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 by 2030. Bureau of the Census Patient-care technology provides major benefits to both caregivers and patients. In your efforts to persuade a reluctant patient to try something new, caregivers can be a valuable ally. They can also be a source of encouragement and feedback.

So while Kareo EHR helps you bring your patients and technology closer, you should also focus on communicating with your physicians regarding potential problems that they may face.

Consistency is key

Marketers know that individuals must be exposed to a message nine times on average before acting. This means that sending out a single email announcing your new telehealth program or the availability of online health management is unlikely to result in the amount of utilization you desire. It makes sense to establish a regular communication cadence so that your message reaches the correct person at the correct time.

You can also experience all of the features we’ve talked about in Kareo EHR demo here.

Final Words

Medicine has never been and will never be a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Some patients will just refuse to use the technical options you provide. That’s OK. Many will come around with the right education, tiny pleasant experiences, and your leadership and will eventually wonder how they ever existed without these essential tools.

That’s precisely what Kareo EHR brings to your table. They specialize in carefully designed patient experiences that help you and your patient in the short run and long run.

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