Office Removals in Manchester

Guidelines For Moving Office Furniture

If you’re planning an office relocation to Manchester, remember that moving office furniture is not something your employees should be doing. Attempting to relocate your office furniture could result in a strained muscle or back injury, even if you know how to carry and move big objects securely.

Hiring office removals in Manchester to move your office furniture protects your investment. It assures your furniture will look and work as well in the new location as it does in the old one, in addition to removing the chance of (and liability for) an injury to one of your employees. Depending on the size and style of your current and new offices, as well as the position of existing electrical, network, and phone outlets, you may need to reconfigure cubicles and office furniture systems. You should discuss it with the office removal company you employ.

Plan Ahead Of Time

It can be difficult to move office equipment. That’s why you should begin arranging your move at least three to six months prior to the actual moving date. You can dig down to the essentials of each piece of equipment this way. Lay out and measure the interior of your new office ahead of time.

Hire Office Removals                                                              

Hiring a professional Office Removals in Manchester team ensures various things, such as avoiding paying your employees overtime or risking an injury. They’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You’re guaranteed in the unusual event that something is broken or misplaced. They’ve a professional staff that moves businesses precisely like yours daily. Ensure that the person you hire has prior business moving expertise. Not only is the environment unique, but so are the materials. The professional packing services shorten the moving, packing, and unpacking process, allowing you to save time. They can even assist with the assembly of cubicles and other items. Most importantly, they provide free quotations for all of their services.

Notify Your Staff

It’s time to notify your staff once you’ve confirmed the terms of the move. Allow your workers to prepare for the transition. Let them know ahead of time so they can complete any outstanding tasks before the big day. Arrange a carton for each employee so that they can pack their compartment belongings one or two days before the move. Instead of adding weight to the moving truck, advise them to take any possessions with them.

Involve The IT Department

The IT department takes care of the majority of the office equipment. That is why bringing the IT staff on board at least three months before the transfer is critical. In this manner, they may begin preparing for any renovations or adjustments based on the new office’s infrastructure. Install all of the data cablings before the IT staff arrives to set up the new system. Your IT department will need to investigate the new office’s equipment, internet subscriptions, and phone connections, among other things. That is why, especially on the technical side, allow them plenty of period to figure things out so that the arrival goes as smoothly as possible.

Employ A Move Coordinator

Hiring a move manager to plan your office moving equipment is recommended if you have a large office. Hiring someone to help you with the relocation might save you much time and aggravation. He/she can work with various units, including movers, furniture delivery, and the IT setup team, to name a few. You don’t have to look into anything yourself this way. Alternatively, you can employ an office removals in Manchester to take care of the vital responsibilities for you.

Make A Moving Schedule

Make sure you plan ahead of time for your move. Keep all of your client meetings and assignment deadlines in mind. You don’t want to be caught off guard at the final moment. Allow at least three days between key meetings to unpack all of your data, laptops, and equipment before returning to work. After all, it’s unreasonable to suppose your employees to work around the clock in such an unorganized setting.

Update Your New Business’ Location

Make sure that all of your clientele are aware that you’re relocating. One week before the move, update your website and get fresh letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials printed. You can even contact Google to have your new address added to your internet listing. Don’t overlook letting your dealers and vendors know about your new business address to avoid future delivery issues.


There are various additional options for a smooth office equipment move. However, nothing beats careful planning and hiring expert office Removals in Manchester. They can make the transition less stressful while also saving you money.

We hope that our office furniture moving suggestions have helped you better organize your commercial move.

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