Everything You Need to Know About Urochart Emr Software

Looking for the right EMR software to help improve practice workflow efficiency is a constant struggle that practitioners have to face. Healthcare practices have to manage loads of patient data on a daily basis; doing that in traditional methods on paper is a huge hassle and requires a lot of time, effort, and space.

There are a number of healthcare practices, each practice deal with their unique problems and needs. The type of EHR software chosen for a practice to function properly and efficiently should match the need criteria of that particular practice.

EHR vendors in the market all are working tirelessly to offer users the best user experience by offering them innovative features and tools. This helps practices to flourish by streamlining their workflows and help users in catering to their patients in a way that improves patient satisfaction, building long-term relationships.

Urochart EHR software  is one of the top-rated EHR software that has been designed to cater to urology-specific practices. Find EMR has shortlisted some of the top features about Urochart that can help users grow their practice and help them in streamlining daily workflow.

UroChart EHR Software

UroChart EHR by IntrinsiQ is a urology-specific software solution designed to maximize efficiencies. The cloud-based software aims to automate workflows, enhance patient care, and align integrated operations. The software has been designed to cater to practices catering to urology patients. The software offers tools and features that are specific to urology practitioners. This way, they are offered features that they need. This makes the software-focused and helps users to work efficiently.

Users can easily manage patient data on a daily basis on the well-versed software by using its EMR feature. EMR is Electronic Medical Records software that helps users in managing daily patient data. They can manage patient history on a cloud-based database. This helps users with remote users as well and offers the ability to access data easily at all times.

UroChart EHR Software Features

Virtually connect with patients. 

Users are offered a video conferencing tool; this helps users to connect with patients at all times remotely. This helps users manage their workflows, which helps them save time and effort to cater to patients physically present in practice. The software is also HIPPA compliant and provides users with the security they need to manage loads of patient data.

Easily accessible patients’ history

The software also offers users customizable templates that help users in logging data easily and helps them view patient history at a glance. The customizable templates help users by eliminating double entry and helping them to manage patient data and history efficiently. Customizing the templates provides them with the autonomy of how users want the data to be kept and processed.

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

The biggest concern that practitioners face is providing patients with the utmost security and trust. UroChart makes it easy for users to achieve the level of trust and offer their patients full safety by preventing fraud and abuse of controlled substances. The controlled e-prescribing feature that Urochart EMR software offers its users helps them do just that. They can easily share prescriptions online with designated pharmacies and can control everything remotely. This saves users a lot of time on their hands to focus it somewhere else.

Carry your EHR with you

UroChart EHR software offers users the ability to carry their EHR with them in their pocket by offering them complete remote functions through the UroChart Mobile. The software also offers users a mobile app known as Urochart Mobile. This helps them to manage hospital round lists and schedules. They can easily manage appointment schedules remotely and even connect with their patients using the mobile messaging option.

Integrated direct messaging

Urochart EMR software offers users a direct messaging option that helps them in connecting with internal staff and colleagues easily. They can message each other, as well as they can share documents, files, images, and a lot more. This helps users in managing their staff properly, remotely and helps different aspects and teams of the practice to collaborate effectively.

Appointment Scheduling

Urochart EMR software also offers users the tool for managing daily appointment schedules for patients. This tool helps manage the daily calendar and helps users book, cancel, and reschedule appointments without any hassle. Moreover, the software is able to automate the complete appointment scheduling process. The software also sends in automatic reminders to users that help users to reduce no-shows. Doing so helps users in improving the practice’s daily revenue, capacity, and so much more. Managing daily appointments automatically helps them in improving the daily capacity of customers that show up to the practice.

Patient Portal

Urochart EMR software not only cares about you but also your patients. The software is equipped with a patient portal that helps users to connect with their patients on a remote basis. This also greatly helps patients by saving time as they are not required to show up to practices for every small diagnosis or meeting. Users can easily share documents, test results, images, and a lot more through the Patient Portal. Patients can also use this patient portal for booking daily appointments and requesting them for a desired time in the day.

These are some of the highlighting features that set UroChart EHR software apart from other vendors in the industry. Visit Find EMR to find out more about the best-suited EMR software for your practice.  

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