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Before going into detail, we have to know little about cannabis industry. By regulatory restrictions, the cannabis business has been inhibited for most of recent years, but this market run rapidly as government legalize its use. The first country that legalize the recreational marijuana (another name of cannabis) through law-making in December 2013 was Uruguay. Canada legalize private sale of recreational marijuana in 2018. However selling or using cannabis is still restricted in many countries.

In United States of America, cannabis business become famous and legalized by government. 11 states out of 50 does not legalize it but at same time, 33 states of America allowed and legalized for medical use. There are 20,000 businesses for selling and buying cannabis in US. In north America, its sales reached to $1.30 Billion in 2016. By one estimate the cannabis sale could be $39.5 billion in 2023. Uruguay sales $1.30 per gram of recreational marijuana and made progress in this business.

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By the progression of cannabis business, people expands its criteria towards social networks. However cannabis business faces restrictions on social networks, if they try to cross their limitations. Now let’s talk about our main topic.


This is the most popular cannabis business social network. You can get any information on weed-related businesses. You can also see what other posting. You can made discussions with buyers and sellers.

If you want to start a business, just sign up and promote your products in a friendly environment. This platform is also available on mobile phones where you can also use it by installing it. Its basic benefit is that it spread around 120 countries. So you can sell marijuana globally.


It is also a mobile application to interact with cannabis fans. You can easily create meaningful relationships between customers and favorite brands. This platform also educates about the safe consumptions of marijuana.


The mass root is also a popular cannabis site for adults who use cannabis.  It is made for college students. This social network has more than 1 million connected users. It easy to sign up and promote your business on this platform. It is just like Facebook, Instagram where you access many posts about cannabis. It provides movies, films, and festival tickets to their user to encourage them.

Leaf Wire

It is the fourth most popular cannabis social network. It was created in 2016 by an American company. It is often called Linkedin for the cannabis business. Leafwire connects jobseekers to high-profile employers. You can access the latest news about the cannabis business through it. You can buy or sell cannabis easily through it.

Bud Hubz

Bud hubz is a complete and easy-to-use site to buy or sell cannabis. It is also called the foursquare of cannabis social networks. Bud hubz connects you with new buddies. You can even find a doctor to get information about cannabis. You can simply sign up and get recommendations in your neighborhood. If you want to travel just pick up the city, you get in touch with cannabis fans there and it also provides you to book your accommodation right from the platform.


Mjlink is new sites for weed lovers. You can sign up easily and can get access to articles, videos and images about the current news. Mjlinks  advertise your cannabis business easily as compared to google, facebook and linkedin because of restrictions. Aurum Lab, TLC Lab supply are popular suppliers on mjlinks, just follow them and made discussion with them.


Duby is an application on the play store. Its interface is made just like Instagram. Duby was established in 2018. You can share posts like images, videos, and articles on it.


Weedmaps also an American company established in 2008. Weedmaps has more than four employees. Weedmaps provides you the nearest cannabis seller in your area. It allows the seller to sell different items by posting their images, short videos, and articles. This platform also advertises your products. Stinky, KG, and lit house are famous brands providing weeds to their customers.

Canna SOS

It is one of the most popular cannabis social networking site. Almost 4 lakhs users, use it monthly. It is become famous for providing  extensive information about the current issues especially THC content, CBD and other compounds. You can find nearest dispensaries and can find product.

Grasscity Forums

This is the 1st cannabis social networking site. There are many forums on it where you can get any kind information about the current issues. You can promote your business by advertising on it as it is most oldest social network ever.

Joint Budz

Joint Budz is little popular than above but it is used for simply made discussion between suppliers and buyers. You can discuss about current issues as well.


MJ Marry Jane social network is also called Pinterest of cannabis business. This application is available on android and iOS where you can post weed pictures, videos, can save other content and can follow other people.

420 Singles

420 Singles is called the Tinder of cannabis social networks. On this social network, You can find a friend to smoke with, and can start relationship.

420 Magazine

It also one of the big social network. Where thousands of people talk to each and get updated. They can take part in cannabis growing techniques and strategies. You can ask any question about the growth of cannabis. You can get medical facts and information about marijuana.

High There

There’s an another Tinder of cannabis social networks. High there and 420 singles are like same. High There is also available  on mobile phone, you can install it on Google Play Store and App Store.

Weed Circle

Weed Circle is usually used by entrepreneurs including weed suppliers, dispensary owners and growers. This is owned by weedlife which is discussed earlier.

Kush Common

It also social network like Mjlinks, Mj Marry Jane and Budzhub. People can share posts like images, videos and articles to each other.

Smoke Network

This is most important network because it gives reward to their users in the form of cryptocurrency. This network is banned by Facebook.


Cannabuzz is also a social network where you can follow brands, talk to each other. You can ask start your business by just posting its images.


Hempdex is social network for buying or selling marijuana. You can buy weeds at low cost here but it is not popular cannabis social network.


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  • Doctors recommends that without any chronic pain don’t use cannabis because it would affect your lungs and for whole body.
  • In recent report, girls uses more cannabis than boys.

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