5 Top Features of Kareo Ehr Software in 2021

5 Top Features of Kareo Ehr Software in 2021

With a whole lot of features and functionalities in the Kareo EHR, shortlisting the ones that your practice really needs can be difficult. Most of the time, practitioners are not even sure if they ended up with the right Kareo software functionalities and tools. This is why you require a disciplined approach to evaluate EHR features and solutions before finalizing anything. To deal with this, you have to know your unique workflow patterns, practice goals, and problem areas. Reconsidering your feature choices can be a much-needed initiative if you want your healthcare facility to keep on being competitive. 

Kareo EHR – An overview

Kareo offers a cloud-based EHR platform for independent medical practices. It provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to help users manage a huge chunk of back-office tasks, such as patient registration, billing management, medication management, patient management, and health record management. This solution facilitates healthcare providers by making it easier for them to connect with their patients as well as helping them to deal with administrative, medical, and financial data. 

Kareo EHR software comes with a number of useful features, including a calendar, comprehensive dashboard, e-prescription, telehealth capabilities, patient portal, and more. It enables clinicians to streamline daily workflows and lets physicians spend more time focusing on patient care. With the help of this software solution, medical facilities can deliver improved healthcare, boost revenue, and increase productivity. 

The software’s enhanced EHR functionality is designed specifically for independent medical practices so they can comply with MACRA and earn positive payment adjustments. In addition to this, the vendor ensures your success from the start by assigning you a dedicated Success Coach. 

Top 5 Kareo EHR software features you should consider

The Kareo software solution comes with a number of features to help you optimize your workflow. We have put together this article to present you with the ones that are easy to use and highly recommended by users. You can also evaluate these features during a Kareo EHR demo.

  1. E-Prescribing

The electronic prescription functionality in Kareo is one of the most useful features that saves users a lot of time for patient care that they otherwise spend on making phone calls. This feature automatically delivers information to a patient’s preferred pharmacy once a refill has been requested. It allows providers to check for potential drug-to-allergy or drug-to-drug interactions. 

If a patient wants a prescription for a common medical condition, he can get one easily from the phone using the automated prescription system. 

  1. Secure Messenger

The vendor offers a built-in messenger that lets medical practitioners communicate seamlessly with each other quickly. Clinicians can also exchange information with their patients quickly and securely using this messenger. Not only this, but they can also conveniently get in touch with their organization’s billing team while maintaining data security. 

  1. Patient Portal

Based on top Kareo EHR reviews, this patient portal is yet another highly acclaimed feature included in Kareo’s integrated suite. It allows patients to share medical records, access lab results, view billing information, medical history, medications, and more. Healthcare experts can also communicate securely with their patients using video chatting or instant messaging. 

  1. Comprehensive Dashboard

Kareo offers a fully customizable dashboard for its users that allows medical professionals to track, display, and analyze the health record of each patient. It enables physicians to check task lists or view the calendar at an easily navigable location. 

Managing patient records through Kareo also gives users the option of managing their billing. You can easily sort out the patients with outstanding dues through proper tracking of their payment records. 

  1. Customizable templates

Another vital component of Kareo’s package is its customizable templates feature. The software comes with a huge template library that is acclaimed by most of its users. It includes more than 150 templates for different medical specialities. This suggests that practitioners belonging to different specialities can employ this solution in their practice. 

Overview of Kareo EHR benefits

Based on top Kareo EHR software Reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this health recording solution:

  • It allows users to navigate the interface easily with features like a customizable calendar and intuitive dashboard, while increasing usability. 
  • The software offers custom note templates, calendars, and other tools to gear the EHR functionality specifically toward individual practice preferences. 
  • Its ability to connect with insurance companies in real-time enables healthcare professionals to quickly verify the eligibility of patients for insurance. 
  • Kareo significantly reduces workloads by speeding up office visits with documentation, charting, prescribing, and billing. These features can also increase daily traffic while ensuring the best patient care possible. 
  • It offers tools for analysis and reporting, which most medical practitioners leverage to generate different types of forms and reports. 
  • This software allows users to customize schedules and manage patient communications with the help of a comprehensive calendar for both staff scheduling and patient appointments. 
  • It seamlessly integrates with different systems, including Kareo Billing and other third-party tools. 

Pricing Details

Kareo EHR pricing plan begins from $160 per month, per provider. It does not offer a free version. You can visit FindEMR to book a free demo for this EHR product.

Final Thoughts

Kareo EHR seems to be a good fit for independent medical facilities. It is neck-to-neck with easy to use and intuitive features that let users keep a digital record of healthcare data. We believe that the above-listed Kareo features are a must-have to ensure a practice runs more smoothly and successfully. User reviews have also shown faith in the ability of these features to bring efficiency to a clinical facility. 

You may also take the assistance of a Kareo EMR optimization specialist who can help you make the most out of this software solution, its integrations, and features so that you can deliver the highest quality of patient care. For more information on the product, you can get in touch with our experts at FindEMR. 

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