5 Top Behavioral Health Ehr for 2021

With hundreds of health recording software solutions available in the market, determining the right fit for your behavioral health practice can be a bit intimidating. Psychiatrists, just like their peers in other healthcare specialities, have the same Meaningful Use regulations to follow and are responsible for the wellbeing of their patients. They face unique challenges on a daily basis and need to invest in a behavioral health EHR system that is designed specifically to meet the needs of psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Each feature of your software should relate to what you face on a daily basis, ensuring improved patient care and streamlined workflows. 

Once you invest in software and hit the go-live button, there is no going back. This is when you will need to be on top of many tasks, such as individual patient cases, billing, sessions to schedule, prescription forms to fill out, and many other operational tasks. This shows how important it is to select the behavioral health EHR software that will take all your practice woes away, without having you compromise on the quality of patient care. 

To help you fulfill the responsibility of integrated wellness of your patients, we will be discussing five of the best EMR for behavioral and mental health facilities in this article. 

  1. CureMD

Number one on our list, CureMD offers an EHR solution for practices of all sizes offering patient care in behavioral health, medication management, and substance abuse. This software offers e-prescribing, clinical documentation, speech recognition, and workflow automation capabilities for mental and behavioral health practitioners. 

The e-prescribing feature of this software comes with a complete database of medications, connecting to more than 40,000 pharmacies via Surescripts to process orders, mails and refill requests. There are multiple advantages of this functionality, but fewer medication errors and reduced costs top the list. 

CureMD’s clinical documentation seamlessly integrates the mental and behavioral health EHR with a patient portal and practice management system to provide analytics and store patient data. It then efficiently aggregates reports and clinical outcomes based on trends and patient history. 

Pricing: The pricing plan for CureMD starts at $195.00 per feature, per month. It does not offer a free trial and there is no free version. 

  1. TherapyNotes

Another top-rated behavioral health EHR software, TherapyNotes offers the most trusted EHR and Practice Management system for mental health practices of all sizes. Known for providing the best customer support, this platform has over 60,000 users and is considered to be the best solution for behavioral health professionals. It allows users to access different types of specialty note templates for various medical practices, such as behavioral health, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. 

The practice management functions of this system include direct receipt of Electronic Remittance Advice from some insurance companies, one-click electronic claims submission, credit/HSA/debit card processing, and the ability to generate patient statements and financial reports. Experts can also create and modify treatment plans, progress notes, psychological evaluations, termination notes and more. 

Pricing: The pricing plan for this EHR software starts at $49 per month.

  1.  AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD offers an EMR solution for small and medium-sized behavioral health facilities. It lets users handle tasks including, but not limited to, patient rooming, scheduling, telemedicine, customizable templates, patient messaging, and e-prescribing. It effortlessly caters to the needs of mental health, physical therapy, and dermatology practices. 

AdvancedMD’s behavioral health EHR reviews confirm that it offers disorder-specific templates and lets users access patient notes from the EHR. Psychiatrists or psychologists can assess and diagnose a patient as well as monitor the severity of a disorder and develop treatment plans. 

Its wide range of functionalities make AdvancedMD one of the best solutions for behavioral health setups. Other than the EHR, this software also provides practice management, revenue cycle management, patient experience, and financial reporting capabilities. It also includes comprehensive billing software tools that help manage various aspects of the process, such as ICD-10 diagnostic codes.

Pricing: The pricing plan for this behavioral health EMR is not shared openly by the vendor.

  1. Valant EMR

Valant EMR offers a tested practice management solution that is suitable for medium to large setups with psychiatrists or other mental health professionals. This software was designed specifically for behavioral health providers and incorporates a number of features that improve operational efficiency, including scheduling, client intake, billing, and online patient portal. It also offers automatically generated clinical narratives to save clinicians time. 

Users who booked Valant’s behavioral health EHR demo to test-drive this product confirm that it enables practitioners to enhance productivity, streamline documentation, and increase their practice efficiency. The vendor’s primary focus is behavioral health, so it does not require professionals to navigate through documentation templates and billing codes built for other specialties. 

Pricing: The estimated cost of the solution is around $200-250 per month per user.

  1. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion offers a cloud-based mental and behavioral health software that helps professionals automate their clinical workflows. It is an all-inclusive solution for psychiatrists that comes power-packed with all the necessary tools they need to deliver efficient patient-centered care. The vendor continuously combines user feedback to make appropriate changes that suit the workflows of different mental health facilities. 

This platform facilitates communication between physicians and patients to ensure modern-day patient care. It lets clinicians upload their list of patients into the EHR account, while a team of experts help them export patient demographics from their current system. 

Pricing: The pricing plan for the software starts at $99.00 per month, per user.

Final Verdict

With a whole lot of options out there, choosing the proper behavioral health EHR solution for your setup can be challenging. The key is to adhere to your unique EHR/EMR requirement list to guide your behavioral health EHR vendor choices. Since every healthcare facility has different workflow patterns, administrative issues, and clinical needs to meet, you should thoroughly screen the top  behavioral health software companies against your specific requirements to make your investment a success.

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